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About us

Ramator is a Turku-based company established in 2008 and is specialized in high quality pipe fittings. Company helps Finnish pioneers to build more innovative solutions together with well-established players in the field. The services include importing and storing of products, as well as technical support and consulting. In addition to pipe fittings, Ramator’s product portfolio consists of modern filtration systems, air filters as well as fluorine rubber tubes and expansion joints.

Our passion is to think how something can be done better without reducing quality. Sometimes practices change slowly within the industry but the constant positive user experiences that we get encourages more and more companies to follow our example.

Quality and Innovation

We have chosen the highest quality Swiss and German brands in our portfolio that offer genuine added value to the customers either through high quality or more innovative working methods. At the same time, we have trained ourselves to become top level professionals in these products. Our mission is to make sure that companies have access to newest innovations and assure them that those innovations are compatible with their current operations and working practises.